Chickenhawk: the Musical

Henery: "I'm a chickenhawk and I know me some policy!"
Foghorn: "That boy is so dumb, he thinks the Mexican border pays rent."

Thanks to Senator Tom Cotton, we have a much stronger concern for the intentions, intelligence and/or mental health and/or sobriety of 47 Republican senators. So strong is the concern over Republicans' meddling that we are now learning about obscure 18th century federal law devised to prevent unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign powers. As of this afternoon, over 250,000 citizens have petitioned the White House to prosecute The 47 under the Logan Act, first drafted in 1799.

While many claim the above to evidence as proof The 47 are absolutely batshit crazy, it may simply be a symptom of The 47 suffering from lack of education. Today during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, 47 member and presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio got thoroughly schooled by Senator John Kerry on Middle East Politics, ISIS and Nuclear Negotiations 101.

Tom Cotton has secured his celebrity in Washington as Freshman Warmonger Supreme. Kerry is still looking for an award-winning role befitting his diplomatic mastery. Both will now star in Warner Brothers Broadway musical The Chickenhawk. Though he's not a southerner and will have trouble with the accent and strength of Foghorn Leghorn's personality, I think Kerry can bring some dry humor to the role. Cotton is going to kill it as Henery Hawk – the rootin', tootin', pop-gun shootin' chickenhawk. [I say boy] Pay close attention [when I'm talking' to ya], come time for the Tony Awards.