Farming Down Under

"How long you in for?"
"Hows the grub."
"Tastes like dog food."
"Conjugal visits?"
"Cable TV."

50% of our worldwide fish supply is farmed. Some of it in lakes, some of it in "open" saltwater pens, some of it in ponds and some in tanks.  Monsanto and Cargill are the primary providers of soy kibble to open pen, factory fish farms.

By December 2014, there were at least 19 varieties of fish feed containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The rapid rise of GMOs in all aspects of commercial agriculture has left us with many food safety questions which remain broadly unanswered. All issues attendant to land-based agriculture apply to underwater-based agriculture. As do GMO seeds and pollen escape into the wild, so do farmed fish escape into the wild. As antibiotics and hormones are laced into land-bound livestock feed, so are antibiotics and growth hormones laced into fish kibble.