Future Tech: Who's Surveilling Whom?





Freeze! You are under surveillance. Drop your camera! Filming 
a peace officer performing his duty is a violation of the law.

America's rash of Orwellian assaults on liberty was on full display this week in South Carolina, where Walter Scott was shot to death after getting pulled over by Officer Michael Slager. Were it not for the incredible bravery of witness Feidin Santana recording and subsequently making public his cell phone video, Slager may have simply been another white cop, set free, because his word prevailed in the face of inconclusive evidence.

Only a few weeks ago Texas State Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) attempted to introduce a bill limiting citizens' rights to film officers in the act of performing their duties. Fortunately, the ill-conceived and widely-panned bill seems to have stalled.  

For now, it seems the best way to curb injustice is to remain vigilant and keep our cell phone cameras ready. Technology, combined with bravery and some luck, may help us right society.