WonkMania 1 – W.W.E. and G.O.P. Ink All-Stars Deal


Standing in the red corner: Jeb 'Gator' Bush

Standing in the blue corner: Ted 'Missile' Cruz.

"Oh honey, come quickly! WWE GOP All-Stars is about to begin."

The GOP Innovation Machine™ stretches its legs this week as current and presumptive presidential candidates jockey for prime-time media exposure. Today, Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, announced a landmark partnership with the WWE. Candidates will now, literally, be able to wrestle over the issues and once and for all prove the superiority of their arguments.

Chairman Priebus had hoped to snare former Governor of Minnesota and WWE legend, Jesse Ventura, as coach and fitness director for the GOP All-Stars, but Ventura is off the grid, preparing to shock the world.

"WonkMania 1 – GOP All-Stars" will debut Monday night on ABC at 10pm, after Dancing with the Stars.