Gender Freedom Act Claims its First Victim

"I'm sorry. We don't serve the gender-ambiguous."

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The Easter Bunny had a day off, went out for some fast food and ran into America's latest attempt to legally codify its "freedoms". Indiana Governor Mike Pence touted his state's newest law, the Gender Freedom Act, designed to protect citizens' right to know others' gender, as "an important step to ensure the comfort of all citizens facing life's increasing ambiguities."

Chick-fil-A, being a leader in support of freedom politics, was the first to exercise the law by instructing employees to refuse service to "anyone who is clearly neither male or nor female."

Dick Frank, Chick-fil-A Indiana regional manager stated, "I want my employees to be free from the worry that they may be serving someone who may not subscribe to God's idea of Man or Woman."

The Easter Bunny was unable to adequately prove its gender and went to Chipotle for a margarita. (S)he was not available for comment.

Meanwhile @zachbraff is likely still offering to make pizza.